Holistic Nutrition

A holistic nutrition helps harmonize and balance the physical body with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. A healthy diet is the best guarantee for a healthy life.

21-Days Detox

Detoxifying our organs every now and then is a very beneficial habit if one wishes to keep healthy and youthful looking. Most of the food we eat nowadays is either processed or has too many additives or sugar. Many people also live in a stressful way, and are exposed to much pollution and chemicals. Drinking water often lacks minerals or contains much chlorine and some often simply have a harmful diet depriving themselves of healthy and necessary nutrients. Addictions to sugar, cigarettes, caffeine or other substances have a very negative impact on our main detoxifying organs that are the kidneys, liver and the digestive system. We also put much strain on the pancreas and spleen and our respiratory system doesn’t work to its full capacity due to stress and unhealthy breathing habits. All of the above makes this wonderful sacred vehicle that the body is tired and confused. Cravings that could be harmful emerge and are very difficult to resist.

The 21 days holistic detox is the perfect way to re-establish the natural healthy functions of this beautiful vehicle. Just as it takes 21 days for the human being to take on new habits the main body organs take 21 days to detoxify. At the end of these 3 weeks, you’ll find yourself a new person, feeling lighter, healthier, craving what’s good for you as the PH of your palate changed from acidic to basic.

This detox is customized to fit your needs and a 21-days menu will be provided according to your condition and taste. During the 3 weeks you are required to have one visit a week for follow up.

The skin replaces itself once a month, the stomach cells every five days, the eyes every 48h, the liver every six weeks, and the skeleton every three months. To the naked eye, these organs look the same from moment to moment, but they are always in flux. By the end of this year, 98% of the atoms in your body will have been exchanged for new ones. What quality would you like to give to those new atoms? By doing a personalized detox, you will literally regenerate all the cells of your main respiratory, secretive, digestive organs as well as your skin.

Download the ‘PERSONALIZED DETOX QUESTIONNAIRE” and submit it to take an appointment.

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