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I was happy to be of service in collaboration with many great individuals and institutions. Below is a summarized list:

  • Dr. Nasri Jacir, Psychiatrist.* (See recommendation below)
  • Unifem / USaid Amman (Workshops)
  • King Husseing Cancer Center (Group support and therapy for woman patients)
  • Amman Center for Peace and Development (speaker in peace building for Israel-Jordan-Palestine, and in religious dialogue)
  • Lycee Français d’Amman (Counselor for students with psychological or emotional issues and family counseling)

Dina and I started our collaboration in 2005. As a psychiatrist working with different psychologists of various background, I was pleasantly surprised by the fast results seen by my patients under Dina’s care.

Her non-invasive, medication free therapeutic approach works with different pathologies from bi-polar, to borderline personalities disorders, or general anxiety disorders. Dina’s sessions help the patients process their issues in a deep emotional way, freeing them from deep-rooted fears, negative beliefs or anger. I also recommended her sessions when patients desired to get free of their pharmacological therapies. Her nonconventional holistic brand approach to psychotherapy is a great addition to the arsenal of therapies we have as mental health professionals.

I therefore highly recommend Dina’s as a holistic psychotherapist to my colleagues in Morocco, the Middle-East and internationally”.

Dr. Nasri Jacir
Dual specialized in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine
Expert on Somatoform Disorders, Hypnosis & Psychoanalysis
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology & Jordan Board of Psychiatry
Tufts Medical School Graduate & Formerly Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard School of Medicine