Holistic Counseling

One-on-one sessions

Individual Sessions

The holistic approach to behavioral and cognitive counseling and psychotherapy is tailor made to fit the clients’ issues and requirements. The issues are dealt with at a cognitive level but also processed emotionally and physically through the different methods that bio-energetic and cognitive behavioral approaches provide. The sessions offer a guided framework for the client to bring forward the issues that are impeding his/her self-realization and healing.

There could be many incentives to seek these sessions: a sense of loss or confusion about your life or certain aspects of your life, a specific issue, (a loss or a difficult relationship), a break-down in a marriage, health or intimate issues associated with fears or phobias leading to panic attacks, latent anger or resentment, or simply a pervasive sense of sadness.

Marriage counseling is also offered when and if needed.

A client can also choose to customize his/her sessions to tackle specifics issues such as belief-systems, a certain blockage whether emotional, psychological, or physical.

The holistic approach is medication free and some psychiatrists highly recommend this bio-dynamic approach to replace medication in certain issues.


A total confidentiality is guaranteed to the client. Clients never meet in the practice and are asked to be on time to respect each other’s privacy and discretion. Appointments not cancelled prior to 24hours will be charged as a regular session.

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