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A widely recognized leader in holistic health, healing and wellness in the Middle East, Dina Lahlou has been practicing her art for more than two decades now. As a holistic and bio-energetic therapist, she treats her clients mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to reach their intended outcome. She has been trained in Jordan as a holistic counselor and further her studies in the field by getting certified by Deepak Chopra for teaching mindfulness and Ayurvedic health. Dina uses her knowledge and training of psychology, energy and the nutrition to assist others in working through their physical and emotional blocks to express their greatest longings in their lives by releasing trauma or fear, and to attain optimal health. She also assist corporation, organizations and other institutions develop wellbeing program in the workplace in collaboration with the Chopra Center Corporate team. She believes that each of us have many choices in life to increase the quality of well-being and that balancing all of these areas of our life takes time, willingness, and commitment. She enjoys helping others learn skills for their soul’s evolvement, healing, transformation, and fulfillment.

Throughout the region, she is respected for her contribution to the holistic and healing studies field through the development of her renowned workshop “Maximize Your Potential”. This workshop was formulated in 2004 in order to help clients develop a higher sense of purpose by giving them practical tools with which to manifest their life potential. Subsequently, Dina has developed a series of workshops and lectures on a plethora of topics; from Holistic Nutrition to Parenting with Emotional Intelligence. One of the most widely requested programs she founded is her 3 week personalized Holistic Detox Program. Based on Ayurveda and macrobiotic principles, it helps cleanse and boost the health and wellbeing of the body. Dina regularly travels throughout the Middle East and Europe to bring her highly sought-after seminars and workshops to a captive audience.

Dina holds a Masters degree from Boston University in International Relations and a Certificate in Holistic Studies (MNSHS, 2006).  She has been working in the field of education and counseling since 1996, teaching university in California and moving to the International Baccalaureate program in Jordan in 2001. In addition to her holistic and counseling experience, Dina’s background and professional services include working in the media as a journalist between 2000 and 2003 and as a consultant in education and curriculum development since 2003. She holds teaching very close to her heart, seeing it as her main life purpose and vocation. She is a certified in Primordial Sound Meditation (Chopra Center University, 2013) and is a Certified Perfect Health and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor (Chopra Center University, 2014). Dina is also specialized in Twist Therapy, Sujok, and Applied Behavioral Approach for Autistic children. In addition to this, she is a monthly contributor to different publications in Jordan and Morocco such as Sante Magazine – the most widely spread health publication in Morocco. 


Dina is a proponent of the belief that life is the pulse-energy of the universe; that each person’s journey is one of self-discovery as defined by both internal and external relationships. Everyone is on this planet to contribute to the expansion of life through his or her life purpose – the essence of which is love, self-knowledge, and happiness. Any distortion of this life energy force at any level (whether, mental, physical, spiritual or emotional) requires a readjustment for the individual to remain steady and fulfill his or her life purpose. Dina’s contribution is to help those who come to her take charge of their lives through healing, finding health and happiness and being of service. More importantly, she believes that her clients and students must be led back to their own inner guidance and intuition to become fully independent and self-sustained, unleashing the boundless reservoir of their power and potential.

Working Method

In the her vast experience of working with individuals interested in their own mental, emotional, and physical healing, Dina has found a number of tools and modalities which facilitate a person’s health, healing and evolution. Her work is a combination of bioenergetics, cognitive and behavioral approaches making it psychodynamic and psychophysical. This flexible format is a co-creative process between the therapist and the client to reach the intended outcome and heal specific areas of life.

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