Ayurveda & Nutrition

A holistic nutrition helps harmonize and balance the physical body with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. A healthy diet is the best guarantee for a healthy life.


The perfect health life style program is a program of daily wellness founded on the 5000-year-old healing system of medicine known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda states that health is not just an absence of disease; it’s a physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

The Perfect health in Ayurveda teaches student during a 5-DAY COURSE a powerful regimen of Ayurvedic practices and techniques designed to:

  • Learn & Balance about your body/mind personality (Dosha).
  • Learn about your Dosha specific nutrition.
  • Release emotional toxicity.
  • Reduce stress & Restore Vitality.
  • Re-awaken the senses.
  • Activate your inner pharmacy.

Holistic Nutrition

In addition to physical health, the holistic approach to nutrition takes into consideration the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the clients. As human beings, our emotions and mental states constantly correlate and interact with each other, hence making all those components inter-dependent. Our appetite and cravings are affected by our mental and emotional state. And our lifestyle affects in return our physical and mental bodies. Some of you might have heard the saying: “you are what you eat”. It is not just a saying it is a definite truth. If you overeat or over-drink before sleeping, what would the quality of your sleep be like? What kind of thoughts and feelings will you experience upon waking up? Will you wake up happy or irritated and tired? A healthy nutrition is therefore crucial to a harmonious and a healthy life.

Individual sessions will help determine what course of action to take and what diet would best fit the client in accordance with his/her condition and needs.

All the diets and regimes are customized following a consultation and ‘the holistic detox questionnaire’ found below.

Nutrition to Heal

Certain specific health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, blood pressure (low or high), weight issues, compulsive eating disorders, colon problems, anemia, and many other conditions are better managed with an appropriate diet and lifestyle. Through a consultation and the one-on-one sessions the holistic approach will provide the best-customized course of action to take for the proper use of food. Once a diagnosis and a program established, guidance, support and follow up are provided until the client is fully independent and the target reached.

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