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Working with Dina made me discover a new dimension to vocabularies such as acceptance, presence, choice and perception. She helped me realize the gifts I possess and use them towards improving my attitude towards daily events and situations. I learnt how to take full responsibility of my life and trust my inner voice without fear or hesitation, and more importantly, without seeking someone else’s approval.

Ammar, Kuwait

Having visited many mental health professionals over a long period of time and having spent a small fortune on many of them, I finally managed to take control over my life’s direction when I started working with Ms. Lahlou. The holistic exercises in sessions were not only effective remedies that alleviated momentary emotional duress but were also important life skills I learned to use and will continue to use outside the sessions. What was most precious about my counseling experience was the unparalleled ethical responsibility held by Ms. Lahlou all throughout. My experience had been to find it quite rare to come across a mental health practitioner like Ms. Lahlou, who is bound by a code of ethics and professionalism, someone who is aware of their own strengths and limitations and is genuinely concerned with client outcome and wellbeing.

Adam, Edinburgh

I had been going through an un-ending 5 year regression when I was meant to cross paths with Dina … It was then that I began my “healing” as I started off with one-on-one sessions and progressed by participating in group workshops and group therapy sessions. That was 3 years ago. I am now at a phenomenally wonderful place thanks to her. I am acutely aware of “myself” and grounded in so many ways. I now know that happiness, contentment and peace are all attainable and within anybody’s grasp.

Zein, Amman

The 3 years course in Holistic Healing and Counseling with Dina has been the greatest gift I could give myself. It has been a wondrous journey that has taught me so much about others and myself. What I learnt and accomplished in this course is an everlasting self-transformation.

Rania, Amman

I attended the Holistic Healing and Counseling course for 3 years and at every session I marveled at how grounded Dina is and at her ability to catch the smallest hint of emotion on one’s face. She makes you stop, helps you explore the issue and guide you to deal your challenges in an empowering and independent way; truly gifted.

Lama, Amman

Working with Dina gave me a chance to realize that many of my perceptions about my life and the people in it are not static and that by reflecting in a healthy way things will start taking a different shape. Accepting and processing emotions under her guidance has given me a chance to live life being true to myself, it has opened up channels of communication with people in my life, and has given me more confidence in general. Dina has also managed to give me the tools to deal with difficult situations which would have otherwise been overwhelming for me.

Hiba, Dubai

In good times & bad times my work with Dina allowed me to stay grounded & in truth with myself. I do not know how I would have reacted to my husband’s death without the inner work I have been working on with her. Thanks Dina

Hind, Kuwait

Dina’s holistic nutrition and detox program taught me to eat in a more healthier way which resulted in a wonderful blood works. I feel more energetic and last but certainly not least it exposed a tumor in my kidneys that was lifesaving. Thank you Dina!

Rania, Amman

I had been living with psychosomatic illnesses and emotional pain for over 20 years and then I met Dina. For the past 4 years she became my mentor and took me through a journey of self-discovery and realization by giving me the tools that enabled me to unlock my prison cell and feel free.

Lama, Amman

Dina helped me to dig deep down to my core, and uncover aspects of myself that were necessary for my growth. The workshop, “My Life Purpose”, was a great supplement to the one-on-one sessions. It helped to solidify and enhance the aspects we had been working on together. Dina was excellent at conveying the intricate ideas to a group made up of a variety of individuals. She was open, relaxed, very engaging, informative, interesting, and an excellent communicator.

Zeba, Dubai

Working with Dina enabled me to look at my issues from a totally different perspective which was extremely liberating. I’ve been able to shift my attitude to a more positive and empowering one. Thanks Dina.

Rania, Amman
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