Holistic Counseling

This group work provides a supportive and a healthy framework to help people sharing similar issues.

Group Counseling & Support Groups

These support groups are created around a common issue participants’ share, such as living with loved one with addictions or with bi-polar disorder in the family, or a loved one under going cancer treatment, and any other physical or mental disease in the family. These people often feel alone, and challenged in their daily lives. The groups have been shown to provide support and guidance with total discretion and confidentiality.


A total confidentiality is guaranteed to the client. Clients never meet in the practice and are asked to be on time to respect each other’s privacy and discretion. Appointments not cancelled prior to 24hours will be charged as a regular session.

The publishers cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or harm caused by any treatment, advice, or information contained in this publication. In the case of illness, you should consult a qualified practitioner before undertaking any treatment.

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