Holistic Academy

The Holistic Academy educational process is founded on the inherent abilities of human development

The Holistic Educational Process

The Holistic Academy educational process is founded on the inherent abilities of human development. Education is about harnessing the growth and the expansion of the human potential as a whole: Mind and intellect, emotion and spirituality, and health and environment. Learning is not a simple integration of information and data, but about transformation and expansion of all the aspects of human intelligence. This curriculum is geared to enhance through transformational knowledge the deepening of relationships to the self, to family, community and humanity. Holistic Education implies that each part of the academic curriculum provides an alternate reality to use and opportunities to integrate, celebrate and consciously participate to the phenomenon of life through multiple ways of knowing. It is not only the intellectual and vocational aspects of human development that need guidance and nurturance but also the emotional, physical, social, moral, creative and—in a nonsectarian sense—spiritual aspects. Holistic education takes into account the mystery of life and the universe, in addition to experiential reality.

The holistic approach is medication free and some psychiatrists highly recommend this bio-dynamic approach to replace medication in certain issues.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

The holistic Education curriculum is an interdisciplinary approach of what Western psychologists Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and Wilhelm Reich defined as Transpersonal Studies. Those experts labeled it as such because it is a synergy of many complementary disciplines that include psychology, philosophy, religious studies, and healing among others. From this perspective, this curriculum will blend critical and contemplative thinking, for the student to keep a deep and vital appreciation and understanding for the value of the human experience itself as the main research data. Ultimately this curriculum is partly an introspection of our consciousness and from there, how our external world is the result and interpretation of this internal perspective.

6 Building Blocks of the Holistic Education

  1. There exist an underlying oneness and an interconnectedness to all life.
  2. Our essential nature is spiritual
  3. Consciousness is multidimensional
  4. Each and everyone has within a deep source of wisdom and guidance to which it is essential to connect for inner guidance
  5. Each action in our life is meaningful and being aware of it is therapeutic and healing
  6. Learning is a matter of connecting to these internal resources

Whereas traditional education has viewed the student mind as a “blank canvas” the holistic educational approach calls upon the teacher to help the student find the wisdom already within. From these premises, and upon completion the student will have acquired the following:

  • The student will be able to describe her or his understanding of the interrelationships between the levels of body-mind-spirit, drawing upon both spiritual and psychological perspectives, and will have encountered a variety of transformative experiences at each of those levels.
  • The student will have acquired a broader perspective on the meaning of life, the stages of human psychological development, and traditional and transpersonal approaches to the different dimensions of life.
  • The student will have demonstrated his or her ability to exercise critical thinking through a variety of written and interactive assignments exploring the transformative theories and practices of the chosen curriculum.
  • The student will have experienced first-hand expanded self-awareness through working with dreams and meditation and through this process will have acquired a deeper understanding of mind-body-spirit healing.
  • The student will be able to approach and describe contemporary human issues from the perspective of wisdom traditions and the ongoing transformation of human consciousness.

The Holistic Education curriculum runs over a period of 3 years/400hours of classes with a 4th year to write a thesis. A certified degree of a “Holistic counselor & Educator” will be delivered upon completion of the 4 -year program.

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