Holistic Academy

A Holistic Education to maximize life’s potential.

Curriculum & Core Subjects

  • Our internal dialogue
  • The child within
  • Healing the inner child
  • The internal critic
  • Knowing, integrating and accepting the lower self and the higher self
  • The 5 characters’ structure of our ego defense mechanisms
  • Understanding and releasing attachments
  • Understanding and releasing our defenses
  • Different faces of the ego: fear & pride
  • Healthy or unhealthy relationships
  • The mask and the self-image
  • Setting boundaries with the inner child & with others
  • Healthy/unhealthy self-parenting
  • Interdependency versus codependency
  • Productive & distructive belief systems
  • General patterns of thinking & behavior
  • Liberation from conflict
  • Communication with care and empathy
  • Negative intention & Negative pleasure
  • Conscious & unconscious thought patterns
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • The power of love
  • Human evolution
  • History of consciousness
  • Components and role of the mind
  • Healing energy force and our healing power
  • Working with chakras and energy centers
  • Power of visualization and manifestation
  • The concept of God and our relation with God
  • The connection between science & spirit
  • The illusion of reality
  • Working with Faith

The chosen study track will include many of these courses and then the specialty will reveal itself to each student in accordance with the transformation that will take place throughout the course. This transformation usually happens towards the end of the 2nd year.

Each module will run for 5 days 3hours/day, 6 times a year.

List of the required textbooks

The books are mostly English written with few in French and in Arabic, but the main ones being in English, a translation work of the some of the ones below is in process:

  • “From Science to God: A Physicist’s journey into the mystery of Counsciousness” by Peter Russell – ISBN# 1-57731-494-8
  • “La balance tropique: Evidences biologiques de la Médecine” by Dr. Dominique Senn – ISBN# 78940-205004
  • “The Pathwork of Self-transformation” by Eva Pierrakos – ISBN#0553348965
  • “The undefended Self: living the Pathwork” By Susan Thesenga. – ISBN # 0961477776978-0961477776.
  • “Fear No evil: the Pathwork method of transforming the lower self” by Eva Pierrakos Donovan & Thesenga – ISBN #0961477725
  • “The journey” by Brandon Bays – ISBN# 978-0-7225-3839-5
  • “Bioenergetics” by Alexander Lower – ISBN# 0140194711978-0140194715
  • “Anatomy coloring book” by Wynn Kapit Lawrence M.Elson – ISBN# 080535861
  • “Bioénergie: Energie Vitale, chakras, extrasensorialité, exercises pratiques.” By Stephanie Cardinaux – ISBN# 978-2-84197-499-3
  • “La spiritualité du corps: pratique de la bioénergie” by Alexander Lowen – ISBN# 978-2-7033-0386-2
  • “Hands of light A guide to healing through the Human Energy Field” by Barbara Brennan – ISBN# 0553345397-0553053027
  • “Light Emerging: the journey of Personal Healing” by Barbara Brennan – Isbn# 0553354566978-0553354560
  • “Free your true self: releasing the unconscious defence patterns” by Annie Marquier – ISBN# 9781844090549184409054X
  • “Free your true self 2: The power of the soul” by Annie Marquier – ISBN# 1844090612 B003RCJQT4
  • “Diamond heart book 2: The freedom to be” by A.H.Almaas – ISBN# 0936713046978-0936713045
  • “Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy alive in committed relationships” by david Schnarch – ISBN# 8050-58-26-5
  • “Living the wisdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer: ISBN# 978-1-4019-2149-1 11 10 09 08 4 3 2 1

The right to add or change this list is at the discretion of the teacher and in accordance with the set objectives of the chosen study track.

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